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About Us

Originally named Dip n' Decal, Synergy Vinyl, began in the summer of 2015. Owner, Devyn Rockey, was tinkering with his four wheeler and said he wanted the famous character Venom from Marvel Comics as a decal on it. However, he didn't want anything permanent. So Jaida, our original artist, gathered some tools and created a stencil using shelf liner and a box cutter- this way, Devyn could spray on the design with Plasti-Dip. The outcome was amazing! Devyn knew that people would love the opportunity to have custom decals just as he did. Thus, the business was born!

We've grown quite a bit since then- including changing the name of our company to Synergy Vinyl. We now offer Plasti-Dip application services, vinyl decals, custom designs on just about anything, and even apparel! We offer national shipping and local services (SWFL). You can even find us and our products on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook!

Devyn Rockey (Owner)- He was 20 when he began the company. He had previous experience with Plasti-Dip using it on his car and ATVs. With transitioning into the use of vinyl he was excited to see where it could lead the company and what amazing projects were in store. His favorite part is having a service and product as unique as the people who buy it.


Jaida Rockey (Owner & Artist)- She was 18 when the business began. She has always wanted to be an artist and has a great love for design and individuality. Her favorite part is having an outlet for her art.

Ivan Jaramillo (Investor)- He was 20 when the business began. He wanted to help a friend because he could see a bright future for the company. His favorite part is how many people are interested in the services and products.

Austin Roman (Artist)- He was 20 when the business began. He has always had a talent for drawing and design. His favorite part is being able to use his unique talent to create one-of-a-kind decals.

Alex Roman (Number 1 Fan)- He was 22 when the business began. He is super energetic and generates many new and unique decal ideas. His favorite part is bringing his energy to the company and spreading the word about us.

Special thanks go to Jessica Ingalls, Stephen and Scarlett Rockey, Xena Jaramillo, Dylan Rinella and Jessica McMillen for encouraging, supporting, and assisting us as we built from the ground up. Your never-ending belief in our mission led us to become the business we are today. We thank you very much!




owner & production manager



owner & sales leader



honorary team member

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